The value of Global Wellness Economy is expected to grow from 4.5 trillion to 7 trillion USD by 2025

Wellness has never mattered more

consumers willing to pay a premium for products with sustainable packaging

Trivium, 2023 Green Buying Report

consumers interested in digestive health products

FMCG Gurus 2022

consumers recognize link between digestive health and overall health

FMCG Gurus 2022

consumers say their mental health and well-being is impacted by diet choices

Deloitte, Fresh Food as Medicine for the Heartburn of High Prices, 2022

people consume functional food and drinks to improve immunity

Institute of Food Technologies, 2022

cigarettes a day, when compared, have a similar impact on mortality as being socially disconnected

Vivek Murthy – U.S. Surgeon General

adults experience mental illness each year

National Alliance on Mental Illness

growth in number of female billionaires last decade (100% more than men) and women are reaching billionaire status on average 3 years younger compared to men

Forbes Billionaire List from 2010-2021

of FemTech sector is estimated to be worth by 2027

Ida Tin-pioneer of femtech industry

Gen Z shop outside their gender in fashion and beauty categories

Business of Fashion

U.S. adults use medication to help them sleep

U.S. National Center for Health Statistics

A portfolio of game changing brands


Fewer Ingredients


Organic, Non GMO, Free From


Nutritional Benefits


Feel Good Factor

high touch

Hyper Targeted Direct to Consumer

Our Core Beliefs

The food system is broken

Unsustainable for health & the environment

Wellness should not be for the elite

We must democratize wellness

Always on & connected culture

Creating anxiety and sleep disorders

Health-care becoming self-care

Moving from reactive to proactive

Awareness of mental health is growing

Chronic lonelinesss has negative impact on longevity

Women's Wellness will experience explosive demand

Driven by much needed female empowerment movement

Our Key Investment Pillars

food & beverage

What you put inside yourself


What you DO WITH yourself


What you put On yourself

Categories we like


digital therapeutics

ethnic foods

Functional beverages

gut health and immunity

inclusive beauty

mental health

personalised nutrition


sustainable products

wearable devices

wellness experiences

women's wellness

No fly zones


Alcohol & related products

Cannabis (excl. CBD)

We invest in triple bottom line




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